In profile portrait

Painting in profileLast sunday, it was time to paint a portrait again. I realized that all the people I painted till then, were always portrayed in a frontal position. So, the decision was easy: today’s ‘victim’ Jönna deserved to be portrayed in profile.

Painting a face in profile

What I liked about making an ‘in profile portrait’ instead of a ‘frontal portrait’, is that you’ll have to be even more aware of the unique contours of a human face. The painting process was the same as always. First, I looked for the darkest, most shady parts of the face. Later, I added all the highlights, which I exaggerated a little. In my opinion, the role of a person’s hair is more important when painting a portrait in profile; it’s an extra chance to leave your handwriting as a painter in a loose way.

You’ll find the end result below!
And if you’re in need a ‘portraying-in-profile-lesson’, here’s a nice alla prima painting demo.

in profile portrait


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