Morandi composition

Choosing a ‘Morandi composition’ for your still life painting

The right composition is essential for every still life painting. That’s no big news, of course. But every composition should also feel ‘fresh’ and inspiring while painting it. I find it very refreshing to look at the compositions of other painters. I’d like to understand them and master them in my own style.

Italian painter Giorgio Morandi (1890 – 1964) remains to be one of the great masters of still life compositions. Certainly, he is the most ‘zen’ master of composition. When you look at his still lifes, you feel inner peace. His compositions are perfect arrangements of different shapes. Together, the objects Morandi chose for his compositions look like one newly created, non-existing object.

Most of the time, Morandi left no space at all between the different objects of his composition. In my ‘Morandi composition’ below, you’ll see something similar. The disassembled cocktail shaker, the glass and the straws are all part of the same central shape. With the bright colors I tried to emphasize the uniqueness of every object and every material (metal and glass).

Morandi composition with cocktail shaker

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