21rozendaal art gallery in Roombeek, Enschede

21rozendaal, Roombeek, Enschede

On a nice sunny day in October, we walked to the 21rozendaal art gallery in Roombeek, the area of Enschede where we live. It’s a gallery with free entrance, and it’s always nice to check out the newest exhibition, organized by Concordia. Sometimes I see a few things I like, other times the works of art are not my taste. But then there’s always the historical and industrial architecture of 21rozendaal. Actually, the whole area surrounding 21rozendaal is interesting. So, when you’re visiting the city of Enschede, you should really take a look here.

Below, there are some snapshot photo’s of 21rozendaal and an exhibition, so you can get a feeling of what it’s like there!

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