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My name is Jos Eertink, the man behind art blog BrimBrom.com. I live in the city of Enschede, The Netherlands, together with my blogger wife Maike.

Jos Eertink Artist Kunstenaar Enschede

I started this site with one idea: to share my own works of art and the art of others with the world. As a child, I was drawing all the time. I really enjoyed creating something, with a pencil, a piece of paper and my imagination as the only tools.

In 2012, I re-discovered the joy of creating visual art, but this time with… paint. That year, my father gave me a box with all sorts of paint, brushes, canvas, charcoal and more. The box belonged to my late grandfather, who seemed to have great artistic plans in his nineties. In the same year, my friends gave me an easel for my birthday. Together, the box and the easel got me back on my artistic track.

Since 2013, professional painter Bryan Rietman is my artistic mentor. His classical techniques gave a new impulse to my own development as a painter. I like to combine these proven techniques with a modern and personal view on painting.

Feel free to have a closer look at my posts and works of art. Enjoy!

Jos Eertink
E-mail: jos[at]brimbrom.com

Jos Eertink works of art


2 thoughts on “About Art Blog BrimBrom

  1. Hi Jos,
    LOVE your work! The landscapes and the figures within the landscapes are compositionally exciting. Such strong color sense. Have you looked at the Santa Fe and Taos Artists from the Southwest tradition? Victor Higgins, Bert Phillips, Dunton? Just for fun.
    Your paintings are terrific. Do not let anyone tell you different.

    1. Hey Jean,

      Thanks for your nice words!
      I didn’t know the painters you mentioned.
      The landscapes of Victor Higgins are very interesting; great interpretation of clouds, water, nature…


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