Anton Mauve study in oil paint

Study of Anton Mauve’s painting ‘Morning ride on the beach’

Anton Mauve was a famous Duch painter of the Hague School. He influenced Vincent van Gogh, who of course is even more famous nowadays. During the lessons of professional painter Bryan Rietman, I made a study of Mauve’s painting called ‘Morning ride on the beach’. By the way, this painting is currently owned by the Rijksmuseum in The Netherlands. When you travel to Amsterdam, visiting the Rijksmuseum is – in my opinion – the best thing you can do (and certainly¬†better than getting high in some dark little coffee-shop ;-)).

It took me three short painting sessions to make my study of ‘Morning ride on the beach’. Above all, it was a great way to learn how to create some depth in a painting. To get this feeling of depth, I used some cool blue tones on the horizon, mixed with white spirit. For the lower half the painting, I used warmer tones; a mix of yellow ochre, burnt umber, burnt sienna and ultramarine blue (which is warmer than cobalt blue). Also, the lower half of my Mauve study is painted thicker.

What I like about this study, is the rough finish. I made the horses with thick strokes of paint. Mauve added more details to his original, but it was not my goal to copy him. I think the end result looks more like an impressionistic painting than a realistic work of art. Below, I placed an extra small version of my study, because on this scale you won’t be temped to focus on the rough strokes of paint. But feel free to click on it for the larger version!

Anton Mauve study
Mauve study: horses on the beach

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