Colors of Kreul

Working with Solo Goya oil paint

Colors of Kreul - GoyaI had the privilege to test some oil colors of Kreul, a German company that develops all sorts of artist’s paint. ‘Solo Goya Feinste Künstler Ölfarbe’, that’s the name of the oil paint series I’ve tried. The oil colors of ‘Solo Goya’ come in a little wooden box. Opening such an authentic box, makes you want to try those colors all the more.

Going for Fauvism

The colors of ‘Solo Goya’ fit nicely in the color palette of a figurative, maybe even classical schooled artist. Of course that means: yellow ochre, ultramarine blue, burnt sienna, titanium white and cadmium yellow. Besides those colors, you’ll also find 55 ml tubes of vermillion red and permanent green.

Normally, I always use cadmium red as my brightest and warmest color of red. So painting with vermillion red was something new and exciting for me. It’s also a bright color, great for getting some intense tones of orange.

The strongest pigments of Kreul led me to the decision to finish my newest self-portrait in a Fauvistic way. I painted my self-portrait on masonite hardboard (with a layer of gesso). A practical characteristic of ‘Solo Goya paint’, is that it dries relatively quick. After a week, the paint wasn’t perfectly hard, but my work of art already could be transported.

I think the end result – which you’ll find below – looks rough and manly. I will certainly use the colors of Kreul for another project!

Fauvistic self-portrait again


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