Exaggerated colors

In the first spring-like weekend of the year, it was time for a portrait again. This time, my ‘victim’ was Arne, who decided to wear a white blouse while being portrayed. A good decision. I always like the way a white piece of clothing emphasizes a face in classical painted portraits. John Singer Sargent is a good example of a painter who liked to use this ‘trick’.

When painting Arnes portrait, I saw some clear and cool blue colors on the left side of his face; the sun was shining on the right side of his face, creating warmer tones. That’s when I decided I wanted to make a portrait with exaggerated colors. The blue, the orange and even the purple tones you’ll see below: they were all thereĀ in reality, but in a far more subtle way.

I think the exaggerated colors give a ‘suggestion of glow’ to my painting. It’s like the head of the model is glowing inside.

exaggerated colors portrait



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