John Singer Sargent style

Studying the style of John Singer Sargent

During the painting lessons of Bryan Rietman, I’ve already studied a few great masters. One of my favorite painters to study, is John Singer Sargent (January 12, 1856 – April 14, 1925). Sargent, who had American parents but lived in Europe, was one of the most famous portrait painters of his generation.

How to learn from the ‘John Singer Sargent style’? For me, Sargent is a master of human expression, skin and backgrounds. Sargent is really able to make oil paint look like vivid, glowing skin. His backgrounds are often quite simple, but I love the roughness of them. And you can only admire the way he catches someone’s personality on canvas.

Sargent’s Parisian Period

The portrait of which I made a study, was made in the Parisian Period of John Singer Sargent. The original painting is called ‘Head of a Capri Girl’, and was painted by Sargent in 1878. It was a real challenge to catch some of the mysterious sensuality of this ‘Capri Girl’. In a previous blog post, you can find my first oil sketch of Sargent’s original. Below, you’ll find the end result of my study!

John Singer Sargent style

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