Münster Art City

Art Studio Area in West German city

In Enschede, the Dutch city where I live, it’s easy to take a train to Germany. It only takes one hour to get from Enschede to the West German city of Münster.

Ticket Kunstmuseum Pablo PicassoIn Münster, there’s a lot of artistic stuff going on. When you only have one day to see Münster, I would recommend to visit ‘Das Kunstmuseum Pablo Picasso‘. You won’t see a lot of oil paintings over there; the museum focusses mainly on the graphic art of Picasso. When we went there a while ago, there were also some really interesting graphic works of Matisse.

I also think it’s nice to visit the ‘less organized artistic areas’ in a city. A city with only official museums for works of famous artists, isn’t open for new art talent. In Münster, there are some places where young or unknown artists can work and show their art.

Near to the renewed harbor area (which is also nice to visit; drink a cup of coffee at Café Sieben!), you can find some old and spacious buildings with funky walls: perfect art studio’s for young or unknown artists. Just find this street called ‘Am Hawerkamp’ and follow it to the end. I thought the whole area had a nice and gritty atmosphere, as you can see in the photo gallery below. Who knows, maybe I will have my own studio in ‘Münster Art City’ one day!

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