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Self portrait ideas – Fauvistic colors

During recent painting lessons, I wanted to try something new. I decided to go for another self portrait, but at the start I didn’t really know how to give a fresh spin to it. So I just started, and every painting session colors started to get more intense. During the different sessions, I got some good help from my teacher. Together…

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Sunset photography idea

Sunset photography collage with your iPhone An inspiring idea to start with in the new year: collect a sunset every day, always using the same viewpoint. I made the sunset collage you see below already in 2012. Sunset photography doesn’t have to be difficult, when high resolutions and realistic colors aren’t the most important things. I made my photo’s simply…

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Charcoal landscape sketches

Making charcoal landscape sketches: lines & darkness A challenge: to catch the atmosphere and richness of a landscape in charcoal on paper. You don’t have any colors and for the lightest parts of your landscape you can only use paper. For me, the two most important things when making charcoal landscape sketches are: Where you put the clearest lines, the lines…

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