Painting fish

A few weeks ago, artist Bryan Rietman brought three fresh fishes to his studio; ideal for composing a still life. Maybe you think of a fish as a grey and slimy animal with a simple and not very exciting shape. But look again.

Painting fish is looking for color effects

When I was painting fish for the first time, I was amazed by the number of colors I saw. Not just grey and blue, but also yellow, green and even pink. The light that touches your still life with fish, will immediately cause some interesting reflections. But of course, a still life with fish cannot lay there in front of you for ever…

Below, you can check my first still life with fish, painted with oil paint on canvas. The short amount of time which I invested in this painting (about two hours) didn’t bring me a photo realistic result. I think it turned out to be an impressionistic representation of this energetic creatures of the ocean.

Painting fish still lifes

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