Study in charcoal of Erawan Thailand

Erawan Falls ThailandLast summer we’ve been to Thailand, a magical and rich country, with a lot of variety in nature and culture.

One of my personal highlights of our trip, was Erawan National Park in the Kanchanaburi region. This park is famous for its waterfalls and lakes. I made a lot of photo’s over there. It was not always easy to avoid the tourists on my pictures, but luckily we went to Thailand in the rainy season. We heard it could be a lot more crowded in the park during the peak season.

The colors of the water in Erawan National Park are beautiful, a mixture of clear blue and green tones. The shapes of the stones – sculptured by erosion – were also very inspiring. On my favourite photo of Erawan National Park, you’ll actually discover no waterfall at all. It’s a picture of my girlfriend, who just got out of the water after a swim.

What I love about this picture is the composition: the water between the big rocks and the branches and leaves in the corners. I’m going to make an oil painting of this composition, and I will try to use the study in charcoal you’ll find below as much as possible. I will only use the original photo of Erawan National Park to study the colors. To be continued.

Erawan Thailand

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