Sunset photography idea

Sunset photography collage with your iPhone

An inspiring idea to start with in the new year: collect a sunset every day, always using the same viewpoint. I made the sunset collage you see below already in 2012. Sunset photography doesn’t have to be difficult, when high resolutions and realistic colors aren’t the most important things.

I made my photo’s simply with my iPhone, using the Camera + photo app with additional filters. At the end of 2012, I selected the different colors, cloud patterns and weather types I liked the most. After that, I simply made the collage using Photoshop. Do you see the little storm on the right side which blocked my sunset one day?

sunset photography collage


2 thoughts on “Sunset photography idea

  1. Das inspiriert mich gerade für meine eigenen Fotoprojekte. Habe ein Projekt Himmel fotografiert mit verrückten Wolkenformationen. Danke für neue Ideen!

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